Omid Omidi is a producer and director, born on September 23, 1976 in Tehran.

Pre-production stage

Includes pre-filming steps. At this stage, the script is written, the actors and technical agents are selected by the director,

the locations where the filming takes place (location) are defined and the film costs are estimated.

At first, this stage of film production may not seem very important, but let’s not forget that cinema is an art

that has an economic foundation and is very expensive. Properly covered, it will withstand a great deal of adverse conditions.

One of the most important things a filmmaker must do before filming is to decoupage the script.

The script of the story narrated by the pictures. The screenwriter divides the script according to the scene.

If you have read a script, you are faced with titles such as “day-indoor-kitchen” or “night-outdoor-side street” and..

Each place is equivalent to a scene. The screenplay is a story entered by the image and includes

the characters, their adventures and their conversations. Omid Omidi

In the decoupage stage, the director decides to divide each scene into several scenes and how to film each of these scenes.

What is the size of each view (close-up or long shot,…), what is the angle of the camera, (parasites, iLool,…),

whether the camera is fixed in the x or y view, or moving to remember what kind of movement it has.

So in general we can say that decoupage is a filming instruction.

Decoupage means flattening or shredding the script into multiple shots. Omid Omidi

Design and map decoupage for video recording in which the size of the view, the position of the camera,

the angle of the camera, whether the view is stationary or moving, and the type of movement of the camera are specified.

In decoupage, the director assigns each sheet of paper to a plan and writes down all the features he or she is considering in filming.

In this sheet, a simple plan of the plan is drawn, which is called a storyboard. A graphic designer or production

designer may be involved in creating the storyboard. Most filmmakers do not illustrate every single scene. Omid Omidi

But the moving chapters and scenes with special effects and the complex work of the camera are usually

considered in detail to give the film crew and the special effects group an understanding of what is shown in the finished film.

Production stage

The production phase is the most important part of filming. At this stage, the director leads the filming of different

scenes with the desired decoupage. This is the hardest part of making a film,

and the actors have to be able to finish the project well with good coordination.

Post-production stage

This stage, which begins after filming, is generally divided into three main parts: editing, mixing and editing sound and special effects.

The editor determines the duration of each plot or rhythm of the film and can make subtle and creative cuts that

increase the visual richness and its impact on the viewer while maintaining the continuity of the film. After editing,

the composer sees the soundtrack and makes music for it based on the timing of the scenes. Omid Omidi

Then the sounding stage begins. Where a variety of sounds such as sound effects and music and…. They are mixed together and assembled on film.

The main factors of film production

The work of each of the people involved in the production or production of the film has its own importance and impact

, but the most important factors of the key people in the production of garlic are:


In the production of a film, whether short, long, documentary or fiction, the director is the artistic and technical center of the work

. In fact, he is the architect of the film. The director determines and is responsible for the creative aspects of both the

content and the form as well as the image and sound of the film. In terms of administration and management, he also leads the production team.

He is also responsible for selecting other major technical and artistic elements of the film,

such as cinematographer, lighting, actors, costume and stage designers, sound engineer and editor. Omid Omidi


The script is the script from which the film is made. Each script contains events, the place of conversation that takes place in a film.

In terms of theatrical structure, the script is similar to a play, ie it consists of an introduction, a turning point, a conflict, a climax,

an end, and an unraveling. But the main difference between a screenplay and a play is that the screenplay has more variety of time and place than the play.

Also, screenplays rely more on images and plays more on dialogues. In any case, showing an attractive theatrical structure,

as well as observing the visual, visual and theatrical aspects to describe the events of the story in the

form of a screenplay, is one of the most important tasks of a screenwriter. Omid Omidi


Someone who is usually in the process of capturing an image is dealing with a camera, lighting equipment, and other video equipment.

He is responsible for the technical and aesthetic affairs of the image according to the wishes and opinions of the director.

The important work of lighting and color adjustment is also usually related to the videographer.

Sound recordist

Making a movie is a technical work and at the same time it has artistic and tasteful aspects. Omid Omidi

On-stage recorder Simultaneously with the filming of scenes, the actors’ conversations and dialogues, they

record the sounds of the environment on stage using a microphone and a special sound recording for the film on a magnetic tape.

In the post-production phase, after adding music bands and sound effects, the final sounds are added to the film.